Home grown goodness.

When we hear the words “home grown,” some of us think of bountiful gardens and neighbors with green thumbs who share sacks full of zucchini or tomatoes every summer. Others might think about the farm-to-table movement that has swept the nation over the past few years as chefs work to locally source as much of the food on their menus…

August 2015 Around Town

Powell Gardens’ newest growing venture has produced an abundant crop of organic tomatoes distributed through select Cosentino’s Price Chopper markets and on the menu at some of the area’s most popular restaurants.

Annual Chamber Golf Event

Thirty-four teams enjoyed the Lee’s Summit Chamber's tournament at WinterStone Golf Course. Congratulations to this year's winning group from our friends at Steppin Out-The Studio.

A Fair To Remember

Thousands of residents enjoyed sharing time with their community at Paradise Park in celebration of Lee's Summit's 150th anniversary, featuring an old-fashioned Toby Show performed by Summit Theatre troupe.

Heartland Foundation Scholarship Reception

Truman Heartland Community Foundation recently awarded $187,236 in scholarships to 156 area students at the annual event attended by nearly 200 at the Adams Mark Hotel.

Summit Fair Design Preview

Sponsored by Macy's, the outdoor event held included giveaways, live hourly fashion shows, beauty makeovers, and home design and décor demonstrations lead by local experts. Photography Jason Atherton Photography

The Center for Rheumatic Disease

Dr. Michael Smith with the Center for Rheumatic Disease says he would be happy to be out of a job if they ever found a cure. However, until then, he will continue to treat and advocate against the painful and debilitating diseases affecting his patients. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of rheumatic disease, and thankfully, Smith says new…

Tasteful Thai

Behind the nondescript storefront of newly opened Mali Thai Bistro on south 291 Highway awaits an authentic experience of Thailand’s culture. Owners Nisa and Doug Hoffman spent several years dreaming of, gathering items for and preparing to create a genuine environment and eating experience of Nisa’s homeland.


Coffee has, for centuries, been bringing minds together and lifting the spirits of those who embrace it. The resurgence of true coffee aficionados is understandable, with the higher level shops that have opened across our metro in recent years. These baristas are bringing a new appreciation and understanding of that proverbial cup of coffee.

Meet Reece and Ebony

Say hello to Reece and Ebony, two of Great Plains SPCA's long-termers who have been waiting for their perfect match. Whether you’re a cat connoisseur or a doggie devotee, these two pets are natural charmers, ready to woo you with woofs, purrs and all the hospitality you could ever need. These darlings are ready to steal some hearts after their…

Okoboji – True North

Nestled among Iowa’s wide-open acres of fertile farmland and sleepy small towns, just shy of the Minnesota border, a group of six glacial lakes glisten in the sunlight as devoted visitors approach. If your trip begins in south Kansas City, as it does for my family a few times each year, you’ll travel about 350 miles of country highways leading…

Taking Stock in Your Valuables This Summer

Summertime is peak time for home sales. Real estate signs pop up like daffodils in the spring and continue long into the summer months. If your home is on the market, there is a never-ending laundry list of “to-do’s.” If you’re not moving, you in all likelihood are not off the hook either.

2015 Infiniti QX80

This full-size SUV shines from the inside out and delivers luxury on par with anything in its segment.


LSL: Who/what lives in your house? JG: I currently live with my two children, Brody and Sydney, my husband, Shannon, and our four fur babies, Gracie, Buster, Shiloh and Cody. We have our own mini rescue going on here…

Community Foundation Makes It Easy to “Grow Your Giving”

When Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey give money to worthy causes, it’s usually millions, or even billions, of dollars. But most charitable giving comes from everyday people in much smaller amounts. And that is at the heart of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Local Pride, Local Drive

“That’s unacceptable. Let’s fix it.” Richard Shipley and Dan Lynch, co-founders of LocalStart.org, said those words in the fall of 2011 after an internet search for “made in Kansas City” produced one result.

Government Jam

I’m an avid gardener. Avid, meaning ‘enthusiastic,’ not ‘successful.’ I shouldn’t say that. I’m great with herbs and this year, my squash and tomatoes are all blooming nicely. The wait for fresh produce became a bit too tiring and I stumbled upon something to make the time pass more quickly.