Maximum respect

Even though it may not be cool to admit this, I do confess I was a girlie-girl growing up. Loved all things pretty and pink. Could not catch a ball to save my life. Wore dresses exclusively until 3rd grade. I liked boys but I did not understand them.


A woodworker and a pastor are creating tables in their “spare” time.  These are not just any tables, and not just for practical purposes.

Mike Brady: The King of Groovy Dads

Several years ago, our daughters became hooked on episodes of The Brady Bunch.  

The End of I-49

If you’re like me, years from now you’ll still be calling Highway 71 just that, but the fact is Kansas City has a new interstate. Highway 71 south out of KC is now officially Interstate 49. Although a few miles in southern Arkansas have not yet upgraded to interstate status, this new I-49 takes you just about all of the…

Meet Founder and Coach Bill Birmingham

By day, Lee’s Summit resident Bill Birmingham works as a Service Delivery Manager for IBM. However, four times per week plus one day on the weekend, he relishes his role as the founder and coach of the Kansas City Blue Devils Youth Sport Association. The organization touches the lives of 100-150 local urban youth per year, giving them an opportunity…

When “Wall Ball” Leads to College

Going to college on athletic scholarship may seem like a lofty goal to some, but for three Lee’s Summit lacrosse players, this dream has become reality. Justice Greenberger, Chris Snyder and Darien Orellana have done what only a small percentage of athletes ever do. All three earned scholarships to attend Missouri Baptist University and the path that brought them this…

SCA Names Madison Sallas as 2015 Eagle Award Recipient

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) recently recognized Senior Madison Sallas as the 2015 Eagle Award Recipient.

Lee’s Summit Dealership Sells Peace of Mind

PULLOUT QUOTE: We have customers who come from as far away as Omaha for our service department.

Creating Works of Art, Fostering Friendships

It’s a lost skill, taking a piece of wood and shaping it with one’s hands. The time and talent involved lead to absolute works of art, but it’s a challenge few take on. Yet in Lee’s Summit such craftsmanship flourishes, thanks to the Lee’s Summit Woodworkers’ Guild. The organization first met 23 years ago, and many of the original members…

A Labor of Love

Chris and Megan Culbertson bought a 20-year-old house in Winterset Park last fall.  It was not only stuck in the past with pickled oak cabinetry, etc., it was a total wreck. Over a couple of months, they turned it into the house of their dreams, serving as the subcontractors and doing a lot of the work themselves. "Type A," super-organized Megan created vision boards and Chris…


Do you have a favorite fashion era, one you love to emulate and constantly inspires you? If you love the Boho fashion vibes of the late 60s and 70s, you are in for a summer filled with fashion flashbacks. Small paisley printed summer dresses, bell bottom denim and fringe are swinging harder than ever this summer. Boho-chic trends are all…

Come On and Join the Scrum

They've heard it all. The jokes about how the only way to catch a rugby game is by watching a late-night match on a down-the-dial cable channel. Then there's the one that says the best way to give blood is to find a local rugby club and join the scrum. Or, the head shaking of naysayers who look at the…

Go Red for Women Expo

The American Heart Association’s "Half Day for Your Heart" event at Overland Park Convention Center inspired women's heart health. In the past year, The Go Red For Women movement has raised $800,000 in Kansas City for women’s heart and stroke research.

June 2015 Around Town

The Lee’s Summit School District will provide a Dell Chromebook for all students starting in the fall of 2015. The Chromebook rollout, dubbed Connect2Learn, supports district priorities and is an important step toward further developing engaged learners and meeting the district’s mission. Increased access to digital devices is designed to enhance student learning, create opportunities for more personalized and deeper…

The Equestrian Lifestyle of Saddle & Sirloin Club

You can almost get to Kentucky if you drive south on Holmes Road far enough. Not literally, but it sure feels like classic Kentucky horse country when you are south of 139th Street and black four-board fencing suddenly outlines a distinctive property. The first hint of something special is the double S sign visible from the gently winding road. If…

Porsche’s 918 Spyder is Automotive Haute Couture

To Porsche enthusiasts, seeing a 918 Spyder is like catching a glimpse of the Holy Grail or the Hope Diamond because only 918 of them will be built, worldwide.

The Kansas City Automotive Museum

Tucked away at the corner of Strang Line Road and 116th Street, the Kansas City Automotive Museum now fills the unassuming space of a former business office. And fill it they do! The museum has worked to pack every inch it can spare with cars spanning from the turn of the century to the newest and fastest performance cars.

June 2015 Our Contributors

I am blessed. What 17 year old gets to take photographs for a magazine? This has been an amazing opportunity and I am glad to work with such wonderful people. I love photography, the creativity of it and the math and science behind it. Next to watching Star Wars, I’d rather spend my Friday evenings shooting an assignment or fill…

Opera Singer Headlines Children International Event

Laurie and Don Montague hosted a celebration featuring James Valenti, an internationally acclaimed opera singer and ambassador for the locally-based organization, whose mission is to bring lasting change to children living in poverty. Photography David Riffel

Saddle & Sirloin

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For Sale or Staying Put?

Whether you are getting ready to put your home on the market or planning to stay where you are for another 10 years, when was the last time you stood across the street from your home and gave the front of your house an honest critique? So often we drive into our garage and don’t give the front of our…

The Kansas City Blues Rugby Team

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Tips for Social Media Training Your Child

Today’s kids practically cut their teeth on electronic devices. Naturally, that doesn’t mean they always know how to conduct themselves responsibly online. From the time they start interacting with technology, begin social media training your child. Not only will you inspire them to build a positive digital footprint, you’ll help keep them safe. Here is how.