Family Photo Session Tips

Photos are a great way to document stages of life—family milestones, growing up, having babies, getting married and growing older. Janie Jones, our Lifestyle photographer, has a gift with capturing personality in her portraits. Jones emphasizes, "Time goes fast, so it is important to capture life as you’re going through it.” 

come gather

The Browning home has always been a gathering place. Built in 1889 by the owner of the Lee’s Summit mercantile, Browning Drygoods, it was a hub for family life, even after the grown Browning children grew up and moved to homes next door. History has it that neither of the adjoining Browning residences had kitchens because everyone returned to the…

Meet the Maker: Erin Bell

When four-year-old Lucas Bell came home to Lee’s Summit from his native Uganda in 2011, he had some healing to do. His adoptive parents Roger and Erin Bell would provide salve in the form of a loving family, but Erin quickly realized she would also need a skincare solution to soothe the then four-year-old’s parched skin.

Welcome to the Gray Area

Do we become “old” when we find our first gray hair? Or when we receive our first invitation to become a member of AARP? Maybe we don’t grow old but simply determined to act as young as we feel. Look around. We represent the largest slice of the U.S. population and we continue to grow by leaps and bounds. In…