Tips from a trainer

Staying active and keeping fit through the holidays and winter months has proven to be a challenge for most people. Even for personal trainers it can be a struggle some times. People ask us all the time; what should I do when I go to the family’s house for the long weekend, how do I stay away from all the…

Healthy Lifestyle by Shawna Wright

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in Kansas City...the crisp air & colorful trees provide a beautiful backdrop for hours, upon hours of...youth sports. True story, fall is crazy busy for this (sorta) soccer mom and I struggle to find the time the time to make my own workouts a priority. This year, I called in a professional for…

July 2016 Healthy Lifestyle

Improving health and fitness is a journey not a destination. We all have to create our own route, and mine has never been a straight path. I was a beginner as well as an athlete and everything in between. My imperfections and struggles have become my strength and my passion is helping people get started. I hope my tidbits of…

Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy

In women hormonal imbalance may cause symptoms such as night sweat, sleeplessness, lack of energy, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression and lack of libido. Bio-identical hormone therapy seeks to return women to natural hormone balance. Hormone pellet dosage is individualized for every woman. At his south Kansas City office Dr. Michael Barnthouse personally places the hormone pellets under the skin using a…

Use Nutrition to Meet your Fitness Goals

What was your New Year’s resolution? This year, instead of vowing to lose weight, why not vow to eat healthier? According to Brad McCleary, owner of Bodies Health and Fitness, improving your nutrition choices can not only help you lose or maintain weight but also can also help improve cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation around joints. This…

New Year Fitness Goals 
Can Make the Difference

Can you believe the new year has arrived already!? The year 2015 flew by, and so did most of everyone’s fitness goals and resolutions from last year. If you were one of the many gung-ho “resolutioners” who fell short on their fitness goals in 2015, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Ready to Get Fit?

Are you ready to get fit? Starting to exercise or increasing the amount of exercise you’re doing is a great step toward a healthy lifestyle. However, doing the same exercise every day won’t help you maintain your fitness in the long run. To get fit and stay fit, your body needs variety.

Spring Cleaning a Senior’s Home

Back in the old days, spring cleaning meant scrubbing or laundering every surface or item in the house to remove the dark, sooty build-up from using candles, kerosene lamps and wood stoves all winter. It also meant throwing open all the doors and windows to get the stale winter air out and let in the fresh fragrance of spring.