Mr. Henry shines as a 4-legged backstage star!

This adorable Shiffon, a hybrid of a Shih-tzu and Brussels Griffon, is at home on Broadway, has traveled with his “mom,” Jennifer Balagna, to two countries (Canada twice and Mexico) in addition to 17 states. He has been to the Hamptons, up and down the east coast, Florida, California and Colorado 10 times, just to name a few.

Craft Beer Buzz

Boulevard may have paved the way for craft beer in Kansas City, but now small, independent breweries are popping up all over the metro, bringing an entrepreneurial spirit, convivial environment and full-flavored pours to the city and suburbs.

Ready for a New Home

Are you looking to add a furry friend to your home this holiday season? Meet Lucy, year-and-a half year old Pointer mix. Lucy loves to learn new things and would thrive in a home with a family who can teach her tricks and help her continue to improve on her obedience training. Lucy enjoys long walks, playing with her many…