Photos are a great way to document stages of life—family milestones, growing up, having babies, getting married and growing older. Janie Jones, our Lifestyle photographer, has a gift with capturing personality in her portraits. Jones emphasizes, “Time goes fast, so it is important to capture life as you’re going through it.” 

For most of us, coordinating the outfits is the most daunting task of taking a family photo. Jones has always been drawn to color and believes that a little pop of color can make the photos more dynamic. 

“When deciding on a color palette for a family shoot, I suggest finding something that you are drawn to for one person and then base the rest off of that,” she explains. “Starting with one outfit and then slowly building off of that makes the task of coordinating outfits less overwhelming.”

Tips for Picking Colors:

  • For an urban or industrial setting, bright colors are a great choice.

  • For a nature background, steer away from wearing greens or colors that will reflect the grass in skin tones.

  • Reds can also really play with a person’s skin tone, so red is best for pants rather than shirts.

Location Tips:

  • Steer away from shooting on train tracks. They are privately owned, and it is illegal to be on them.

  • If an urban setting is desired, decide if you prefer more of a natural urban or upscale urban. For upscale urban, the plaza is a great choice. The West Bottoms and the Crossroads will provide a more edgy urban background. Graffiti walls are great, too.

  • For a natural setting, one of the many local parks, lakes or nature trails make the perfect backdrop.