Creativity can be expressed in various forms beyond just what we can see and hear. It is ironic that we tend to sometimes put a box around what art is, but creativity shouldn’t be boxed in. That’s what makes it so beautiful.  The individuality in our talents, thoughts and style is what makes us unique. When I think of the different professions or hobbies that the people in my life have, I can see the creativity, innovation or artistic expression that each person possesses that makes them successful and creative in their own way.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch my kids go through creative processes. Sometimes it is quite literal by making up a new song on the piano, writing a story, or creating a work of art, but other times it is experiencing the gift of their imaginations while they play. One of my favorite things to watch is my second son play baseball in the backyard. He imagines an entire game and will throw the ball in the air to pretend he’s catching a fly ball and” throw” it in to home. He suddenly becomes the runner and slides in to home barely making it. He used to play like that all the time, but as he gets older, I see it less and less. I love watching his imagination at play, and it stops me in my tracks when I catch him playing out a baseball game becoming different players on the field, as I know to drink it in and appreciate it while it lasts.   

The creativity that we had when we were younger morphs into different versions as we become adults.  Sometimes it seems to silence in some and comes alive in others. Oftentimes it is easy to see that creativity in children because their imaginations are so transparent as the play out loud. If we look around at the adults in our lives, we will see creative expression in so many things besides what typically is viewed as artistic. 

Our February issue is dedicated to artists, musicians and creative innovators in our community. I always look forward to putting this issue together every year because it is so fun to learn more about the creativity expressed in our area. I hope you enjoy learning about some of our talented neighbors who are sharing their love of art, music and design with us.