Osage River Clothing Company has you covered

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned adventurer on an extended expedition, there’s clothing designed for any camping, hiking, hunting or fishing trip at Osage River Clothing Company.  Owner Bob Marsh founded the local company to bring others closer to nature. 

“I grew up hunting and fishing, and over the past decades have helped several outdoor industry businesses,” Marsh says. “More recently, I’ve discovered the horse and nature activities and experiences enabled by it. I’m concerned with the trend away from active interaction with nature, and I’d like to see that change. I decided now was the time to try an outdoor business venture.”

It all came into fruition just this year with a plan to create and sell durable local outdoor clothing.

“Our focus is on clothing for activities that drive deep engagement with nature:  hunting, fishing, and horse riding. Our primary brand is Great Blue Heron, which is closely tied to our fishing and hunting markets—the majestic great blue heron wades to hunt and fish. Fishing, especially wade fishing, affords close interaction with nature with minimal equipment requirements. Anyone who has fly-fished a secluded flowing stream understands. Most types of hunting drive a deep nature experience—we have a slight bias for waterfowl hunting with its wading element and the collaboration with a hunting dog, which drives even closer engagement with the natural world. The profound interaction between a rider and a horse provides a similar foundation for engaged outdoor experiences.”

Osage River Clothing Company is named after the Osage River because of the wide variety of outdoor activities both Kansas and Missouri have to offer.

“We picked the name because of the rich outdoor hunting and fishing opportunities in that river’s watershed and its coverage of a large part of mostly rural Kansas and Missouri. Both states have been leaders in conservation efforts and we’re proud of that.”

When you purchase one of their products, you can expect durable clothing that’s built to last.

“Our products emphasize natural fibers, rugged designs, and well-designed pockets. For example, our shirts feature substantial chest pockets because pants pockets are poorly accessible when wading and riding. We want our products to be the right ones to take you deep into nature. Our brands are built around outdoor activities that are distinctly American, and we want to sell American-made products. With Kansas City so near the Osage River Valley, and with its great history as a garment manufacturing center, we think local production is also important. We are thrilled to have found The Garment Factory!”

The most important thing to Marsh is inspiring the community to get out and explore nature.

“As we build our offerings around the Osage River and Great Blue Heron brands, we want to develop a strong sense of community among our customers that will help preserve and build interest with young and new hunters, fishers and riders. We want to inspire people to venture deep into nature and provide them with the clothing to do it.”

Osage River will be introducing their clothing line in September in select local clothing retailers and online with shipping across the globe. Shop their collection at OsageRiver.com