Outdoor Oasis

Second Nature Outdoor Living creates beautiful space.

Jeff and Kristen Graham have lived in their current home for eleven years. Living on the golf course in a growing community was fabulous, except that the late afternoon and evening sun and a small patio made their outdoor space hot and unusable. After deciding on a pool, they knew there were two essential elements that would make their home complete.


First, they wanted a relaxing and comfortable outdoor living space that they could enjoy at any time. It would be a partially covered space for having meals, entertaining, cooking, and just sitting and watching television. Second, it had to appear as though the outdoor living space was part of the original house.


After searching online for a company to help them realize their dream, Kristen found Second Nature Outdoor Living and Landscaping in Lee’s Summit.


“I researched what I could about Second Nature and believed they would be reliable,” Kristen commented. “Everything I read about them was so positive!”


Jeff, Kristen, and their children now have an extension of their home, a beautiful and inviting outdoor space in which to relax and entertain.


“We had a vision of what we wanted it to look like, and this is exactly our vision!” Kristen said.


“I think it turned out perfectly!” Jeff added.


One of the features that Second Nature Outdoor Living and Landscaping envisioned and included are a gas fireplace with a mantel and inset curio cabinets. While the fireplace might not keep the space warm in the coldest of winter, it casts a warm and inviting glow to those who gather to visit or watch the game on television.


A key element to any outdoor space is lighting. Second Nature specializes in designing lighting features that complement the space, create different moods, and provide beautiful visuals whether enjoying the outdoor space or admiring it from afar.

Second Nature added landscape lighting and dimmable lighting within the outdoor living structure to enhance the ambiance when the Grahams are enjoying their new space.


“Since we’ve added furniture, we haven’t eaten a meal inside!”


“This is where we’re going to spend 90% of our time – spring, summer, and fall.”


Even though they’re planning to stay put for many years, the Grahams feel that this outdoor living space has added to the overall value of their home.


Neighbors in their close-knit community have taken notice of the beautiful new outdoor space.


“We haven’t stepped into the community clubhouse and not received a dozen compliments.”


“It’s definitely a conversation piece right now!”


And several neighbors have asked for contact information for Second Nature to get their own outdoor living space!


Jeff and Kristen want everyone to know about working with Second Nature Outdoor Living. “Derek’s personality was key. He really listened to what we wanted, and then he gave his input. He didn’t drive the project. The three of us bounced ideas off of each other a lot throughout the process. “


“And not just Derek (Second Nature Designer). It was a comprehensive effort from everybody – Jim, Tim, Todd, Jeremiah – working together. The whole team listened to our vision, and it was wonderful to work with them – they’re just like family!”


“We don’t have one negative thing to say about the process!”


Second Nature Outdoor Living and Landscaping has met and exceeded the Graham’s vision in every way, from delivering the two crucial elements that Jeff and Kristen wanted in their outdoor living space (and more!) to their customer service – and everything in between!


Contact Second Nature Outdoor Living today to begin turning your yard into a beautiful and functional outdoor living space – from your vision to reality!


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