Movers and Shakers 1

Inspiring Greatness

Scott Lamaster is the founder of Taking it to the Streets, a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to bringing about change and impacting lives through community outreach programs, providing aid to first responders and through disaster relief. He is well-known nationally for his passion to serve, bringing hope and encouragement to those in need.


In April, his organization was awarded the 2017 Community Leadership Award from the director of the FBI for the its outstanding service and commitment to Kansas City.


“When people see our vehicles out serving through our many outreach programs, out aiding first responders and on disaster scenes, they know hope has arrived,” he says. “Our team of volunteers is there to make a difference.”

Lee’s Summit Mayor Bill Baird is passionate about his hometown, and he views himself as an advocate for the community.


“I believe in the collective voice of the people,” he says. “It’s my priority to engage the community, provide information in a user-friendly way and give our citizens opportunities to share their feedback and opinions.”


A commercial and residential real estate broker in Lee’s Summit for the past 20 years, he has volunteered, fundraised and served on numerous nonprofit boards throughout his career. Each service experience makes him a better community member, he says. When his school board term ended, he felt he had more to give in the way of public service, so he ran for mayor. He took office in April.


“I believe in giving our citizens, businesses, organizations and stakeholders more opportunities to collaborate with each other and the city,” he says.


As executive director of Lee’s Summit Social Services, Matt Sanning’s role is to help sustain and evolve a support network for local families that have found themselves in tough times. Each day, he hopes he has the opportunity to make someone else’s day better.


He says he has a front-row seat to witness the amazing community of volunteers and donors as they create solutions for families in need through their hard work, huge hearts and unwavering commitment.


Outside of work, he says his passion is to serve wherever he’s needed. He particularly enjoys being a part of the Lee’s Summit Rotary Club.


“The ability to serve the community or the world is never far away,” he says. “So we pick a service idea that we have a passion for, and we go. It’s much more fun to serve with others, and it builds incredible bonds.”


Corey McDonald, the pastor at New Springs Community Church, has a unique vision for how his congregation will invest in the community. In November 2017, the church opened New Springs Community Clinic, which provides free medical care to anyone who needs it on the third Sunday of every month.


He doesn’t believe his church can impact the community only through a Sunday morning service. He envisions his church serving as a corridor for medical and mental health care as well as a foundation for building relationships with caring, genuine community members.


“When people walk into the clinic, I want them to feel like they’re in a professional setting and that they’re loved and cared for,” he says. “We don’t want them to feel like a second-class citizen because they don’t have insurance. We want them to feel good.”


For more information about New Springs Community Clinic, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, visit