Backstage with Ryan Pinkston 4

Ryan Pinkson is a picture of the modern midwest artist. He sports a mustache, skateboards at 31 years old, and frequents the West Bottoms. His unassuming demeanor would never give away his musical success.


Now a director and producer at Primary Color Music Studios, Pinkston joins the founder, Sam Billen, and others in creating custom music for films, commercials and video games.


When Pinkson isn’t helping to craft jingles for Wendy’s hamburgers, he fills his days by queuing up the voice memo ap on his phone and creating new sounds. Pinkson’s style leans toward the experimental and unconventional.


“If I had to call it anything, I would say it’s experimental pop” Pinkston said. “I like there to be a good kind of dissonance that may spark a weird interest. I want people to love and get lost in my music.”


Pinkson grew up in a musical house hold in Lees Summit Missouri. His mother was and still is a music teacher. Growing up in a household of musicians, Pinskson was the black sheep; he had little interested in mastering an instrument until a fateful day when he and his older brother stumbled upon a dusty guitar in their basement.


The guitar ignited Pinkson’s passion for music. He first learned the anatomy of the guitar by laying it flat across his lap and plucking the strings. By the time he was 14, Pinkson was creating his own music.


While playing ‘cover’ songs with friends was enjoyable, it didn’t scratch his itch. “I was way more intrigued with dissecting songs…the process of dissecting it to learn how to play it…how all these layers and structures and chords come together.”


Pinkston’s first taste of the professional music world when he was invited to play as a guitar player and vocalist for The Republic Tigers in 2006. It was a quick turn over from the band’s small-time gigs to ‘label’ performances.


“We started playing shows at the beginning of 2007, and by the summer we already had labels coming out to see us. It was crazy how in under a year’s time we were already signed to a major label.”


The Republic Tigers made an appearance on the David Letterman show in May 2008.

Pinkston’s most recent accomplishment has been collaborating withTrevor Hawkins, the director and writer for the independent film Lotawana. Pinkston created the original score for the entire movie which is anticipated to be released this year.


“I have friends who are constantly pushing me to do more with my music and not sit on my ideas” Pinkston said. But I…like being reclusive in a sense. Music is my pace to go. I have to (make music). The older I have gotten the more I have learned about my relationship with music. You can’t explain yourself to everyone so you just make your music and let it be that. That’s it.”