Women of Lee’s Summit

Cynthia Wright

Cynthia Wright is a wife and a mother of three who juggles a writing and media career while homeschooling her girls and earning her degree in marriage and family counseling. She volunteers at Mother’s Refuge, a shelter that houses at-risk pregnant and teenage mothers, as well as Suburban Balance of Lee’s Summit, which provides opportunities for minority youth living in the suburbs. She learned very early on to stand for what was right and to use her voice to advocate for both herself and others.


One question she is frequently asked is how she manages to juggle all of these things.

“For our family, it isn’t about juggling. It’s about making bold steps to rearrange our lives in a way that has allowed us the time and energy to pursue our dreams,” she says. “My biggest motivation is to encourage and inspire my daughters to not let any obstacle stand in the way of accomplishing their goals and ambitions.”

Angi Lucchi

Angie Lucchi, the assistant vice president of Outreach and Telemedicine for HCA MidAmerica, fosters relationships between HCA and its rural hospital partners. She loves what she does because many of her family and friends live in rural areas.

Volunteering is her passion, as she loves to be part of something that makes a positive impact on the community. With a cancer diagnosis in 2016 due to the BRCA1 mutation, she was faced with five surgeries and radiation therapy. She soon became involved with two amazing organizations, Bra Couture KC and FORCE, both of which give support and advocate for cancer patients and families.

Of all the things that she has been a part of, being a mom is the most important blessing in her life. She was able to volunteer in many capacities with her children, even during her cancer diagnosis, and had a community of support through it all.

“The amazing families in my community and HCA rallied around me when I needed them most,” she says. “They say it takes a village to raise a family, and I truly have the best one around.”

Natalie Fieleke

Natalie Fieleke is a Lee’s Summit Lifestyle contributor and is an invaluable part of the team. Natalie, a stay-at-home mom, works tirelessly to provide a loving home for her husband and children. At the same time, she’s a freelance writer, maintains a successful blog at LovelyInsideOut.net and spends countless hours each week helping her husband, David, set up his new dermatology practice.

She serves her community through volunteering in a variety of venues and is constantly looking for tangible ways to help those in need around her. She has led the way in her family to adopt children from Compassion International and to financially support several campus ministries that reach out to college students in need.

“Natalie continually looks for opportunities to love on our community and to teach our family about compassion,” David says.