Amy Johnson and Jaime Lyon from Lee Summit have always had a heart and passion for helping individuals and organizations be more positive. Once they began working together, they created I Am Noticed, a school program that is all about helping students, staff and families create and sustain a more positive culture.

Amy and Jaime began working in schools in 2016. They are currently working in 13 schools in Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas with plans to grow relationships and connections between elementary, middle and high schools. This growth would allow entire school districts to give students the lifetime benefits of I Am Noticed. Their objective is to create confident and resilient people that can take the skills they learned in school and apply them in real-life situations.

Amy and Jaime are all about discovery. They love to notice the amazing people in the school and all the amazing work being done. In addition to noticing goodness, they like to learn the areas in which the school would like to improve. They do not go in with the intent of “fixing” schools, but to celebrate all the hard work and giving done by educators. Their intention is to work in collaboration with the school’s leadership team to determine the best approach in helping increase positivity in its culture. They do this through professional development, peer model-training programming, kickoff assemblies and family enrichment. They want participants to notice the goodness in themselves and others.

I Am Noticed is not a one-and-done program. It offers an ongoing theme-based curriculum for the teachers and peer models to utilize because they are the key to sustaining the program. The school chooses the peer models with guidelines provided by Amy and Jaime. Peer model leaders are chosen because they have kindness, empathy and citizenship as a part of who they are. Everyone in the school is to take on a leadership role by being themselves, being resilient and confident, and noticing others in the school—this way they are leading the positive message through these behaviors. Amy and Jaime want to create stronger citizens because these children are our future.

At the program’s heart is the I Am Noticed Cycle. It can be used throughout our lives. The cycle consists of simple and intentional practices, including “Want to,” choosing gratitude and the concept of reframing; “Positive I Ams,” teaching the importance of positive self-talk; “Noticing Goodness,” the powerful impact of sharing kindness; “Receiving,” the importance of saying thank you and humbly accepting the kindness of others; and “Being the Rock in your Ripple,” keeping the cycle going so that we can make this world an even better place.

One of the most exciting things about I Am Noticed is that it serves everyone. Amy and Jaime believe in the power of “Positive I Ams” and the magic of “Noticing Goodness.”

“We believe in doing what we do so that together we can create a more positive planet.”

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