Where Will Your Furry Friends Stay While You’re On Holiday? 8

Make Sure Your Fur Babies Have Lots of Fun While You’re Away 
by Checking Them into Cuddle Up Pup!

Stephanie and Andrew Haddadi decided to turn their adoration and affection for God’s furry creatures into a true passion—offering them a place to relax and play for a day or extended vacation period, pampering by expert groomers, and cuddles. So, they opened Cuddle Up Pup, a veritable heaven for dogs complete with leather couches and Kongs stuffed with peanut butter and treats!

“Opening a luxury pet resort has been something my husband and I regularly talked and dreamed about for many years. We have extensive backgrounds in the pet industry, having worked around dogs for most of our careers on all sides, from the traditional kennel to the newer-style boarding and day care models,” Stephanie says. “We felt we could combine different styles and designs to create something totally different from what you imagine as pet boarding.”

They spent time listening to fellow dog owners and discovered what they expect or hope is delivered from the places they take their precious pets to stay. One common concern from many people was that they would limit how often they had to leave town because they felt there was no place for their dog to feel comfortable. That thought of leaving your best friend in a kennel with little human interaction, where they shut off the lights and go home early, is something every dog owner struggles with.

“We knew the industry was changing and simply had to ask, ‘What would a place have to offer that would ease our worries while we were away from our own personal dogs?’ Cuddle Up Pup is the culmination of our dream!” Stephanie says. “I have never known a time when I didn’t have an animal in my life. I would feel empty not to have a furry family member. Most of my day I am petting or holding a dog in my arms. I am pretty sure my husband gets jealous of that.”

They keep clients’ pet schedules as close to home as possible. There are couches for dogs to lounge on and multiple indoor and outdoor playrooms so dogs can be separated by size and temperament.

“We do everything we can to fulfill all the needs of our fur babies in our care. We offer better office hours, full service grooming seven days a week and late pickup options for those with a busy schedule,” she says. “New to our facility is the opening of our 50-square-foot family suites, and we are designing a pool area. Tours are welcome anytime during business hours.”

Cuddle Up Pup is all about having fun with the most adorable furry faces. Yay to that! Or, in dog speech, woof woof!