Victorian Gardens 
tablescape 7

Winter blues do not have to get you down. Brighten up with crisp greens, soft cotton whites and cool blues. Keep it simple. To decorate your centerpiece, use the scents and smells of the season. A nix of woodsy evergreens, refreshing eucalyptus and boxwood can be picked up at Christmas tree farms or anywhere local that sells fresh trees. We like to use the fresh trimmings from our own trees and bushes or from our friends’ yards to add that natural and homemade feel. Mix in with roses and fresh flowers from the flower market or local grocery store and add in hobby store-bought cotton. Place in a simple white bowl and place on your table. With the low glow of candlelight and guest placement, your table is nearly finished. Dessert first? Why not. Christmas cookies on each plate are a festive way to welcome your friends and guests. All ideas to help bring the warm holidays into your home.