Destination Home Team and Pfeifer Homes 2

Family of Agents and Builders Partner on the Path to Dream Dwellings

In 1987, Troy Pfeifer began building custom homes in Lee’s Summit. Today, Pfeifer’s original business, Pfeifer King Building Corporation, has evolved into a next-generation family enterprise that provides customers with a one-stop shop to both sell their current home and build the home of their dreams.

Troy’s son, Justin Pfeifer, grew up on Pfeifer Homes job sites in and around the Lee’s Summit community, working on the framing crew from the age of 13. After his beginning jobs with the framing crew, he worked his way up to shadowing the field superintendents. He graduated from Pittsburg State University with a degree in construction management with an emphasis in residential design in 2011 and joined his father as vice president of Pfeifer Homes.

Troy’s daughter, Amanda Pfeifer, and her husband, Kaleb Drinkgern, are the real estate professionals behind Destination Home Team, a Keller Williams Platinum Partners real estate firm. Drinkgern explains the family’s working relationship as a seamless process involving himself and his wife as the realtors, himself as acreage expert and his father-in-law and brother-in-law as president and vice president of Pfeifer Homes.

“We’re not here to make a quick dollar,” Drinkgern says. “Our goal is to sell your home for the most money possible, not only because it’s best for you as the seller, but because it’s best for the next step in the transaction. We’re all working together toward a common goal.”

If the client is looking to build, getting the best possible price for their home allows them to bring more money to the table during the construction process, putting additional finances into desired home amenities or lowering future home payments, Drinkgern explains.

Whether clients’ end goal is to build or to purchase an existing home, Destination Home Team real estate professionals offer extensive knowledge and commitment to providing the best information, advice and industry insight.

“Our philosophy is simple: Clients come first,” Amanda Pfeifer says. “We pledge constant communication with clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. We believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, we haven’t done our job. We measure success through clients’ satisfaction.”

Constant communication is key, both in the real estate transaction and the building process. When customers decide to build with the Pfeifer Homes team, they are entering into a close working relationship through the design, construction and warranty phases with a builder that focuses on 10-20 homes per year, no two alike.

“What makes our company so unique, is that we operate upon the design-build advantage system,” Troy Pfeifer explains. “It allows our customers to be an active part in the design of their home. It results in us building a home that fits their lifestyle, needs and budget.”

The Pfeifer Homes design-build process encourages buyers to be active participants in envisioning their dream home, bringing in hand-drawn sketches, photos and existing plans as inspiration. The in-house designer and Troy’s brother, Jeff Pfeifer, creates computer renderings that enable buyers to see their ideas take shape as a home. Then, Troy and Justin Pfeifer sit down with clients and go through floor plans, room by room, floor by floor, ensuring every area is perfectly suited to buyer’s specifications.

“We want our buyers to tell us what they really need and expect out of their home plan,” Justin Pfeifer says. “Each home is unique and built with the utmost quality, fit and finish.”

The Pfeifers also prize their practice of value-engineering homes.

“A customer may have a great room that’s drawn as 20-by-20, but we will put all the furniture they plan to have in that room and render it to scale,” Justin Pfeifer says. “At that point, we may realize that the room only needs to be 15-by-20. We can save that square footage and shift it to another location that may need extra space, or just cut it out altogether, eliminating wasted space where it’s not really needed.”

When the homebuilding process is complete, buyers enter into the one-year home warranty phase, staying in touch with yet another Pfeifer, Troy’s wife, Carmajean Pfeifer.

“We’re very much a family business through and through,” Amanda Pfeifer says. “There are a lot of realtors, and there are a lot of builders, but there aren’t a lot of families who are in it all together.”