July 2017 Around Town

Hope for Families, 
Brain Balance is Unique

The Evans family knows what it is to love a child who struggles. They found lasting change when they discovered the Brain Balance program for one of their four sons, and that is the reason they have opened Brain Balance of Lee’s Summit at 413 NW Murray Road. Brain Balance is a nonmedical approach that addresses a variety of behavioral, social and academic issues. There are two distinct parts: scheduled activities at the center where students will visit three times a week and at-home activities that are equally important. It is a coordinated and systematic approach connecting all the dots for each child with support the family needs to complete the program successfully. Children’s needs vary and so should the frequency and duration of the regimen. Each program is regulated, monitored and customized to dial up the actions needed to overcome developmental deficits. Brain Balance identifies where those deficits exist and creates the customized program that addresses the root cause and provides the support. BrainBalanceCenters.com