DIY Wood Canvas 4

Displaying photos in a creative way is always so exciting, and transferring a photo to wood really makes a unique keepsake.


  • Laser printed photo, not reversed (printing a photo copy of a photo will automatically reverse it so make sure to change the setting)
  • Wood block that is smooth—
weathered, stained or raw
  • Gel medium, matte
  • Decopauge craft glue, matte
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge brush
  • Towel, damp


Step 1
Cover the wood with gel medium with a paintbrush. Place photo picture side down and smooth out all bubbles. Let dry 24 hours.

Step 2 
Take damp towel and place over photo just enough to wet it. Once wet, gently rub with a towel to scrape the paper residue off the photo. Once all residue is gone, wipe lightly one last time with a clean damp cloth.

Step 3 
Cover photo with decoupage craft glue using a sponge and let dry. Enjoy your keepsake!

Amy Hodapp is the owner of Pinspire at 12 1/2 SW Third St. in downtown Lee’s Summit. For more projects, visit