Arrowhead Yacht Club 6

An Elegant, Rustic Affair

Charming. At Arrowhead Yacht Club (the AYC) the beauty of nature is the perfect complement for any special occasion. The serenity of a gleaming lake, the vivid viridescent lawn and the simplicity of the lush landscape all collaborate in creating a unique experience for anyone seeking to find an idealistic place for a noteworthy gathering. Boasting the splendor of Lake Winnebago, it is not like any other event space in the Kansas City area. Add to this a comprehensive planning coordinator and clients are left with an experience of seeming serendipity.

Classic. Two years ago Arrowhead Yacht Club celebrated its 50th anniversary and during its time in business, the country club has provided many with a special occasion venue from weddings to birthdays to corporate functions. The seafaring appeal of the AYC is the ideal backdrop for any celebration and the immense amenities give customers an exquisite ambiance complete with a sprawling dining room, endearing patio and a recently renovated cocktail lounge which was gutted from head to toe and is now embellished with beautiful granite and backsplash. Clients need not worry about food and beverages as its experienced staff offers an expansive menu from which to choose and can accommodate for any taste from the steak enthusiast to the hot dog connoisseur. The space can also comfortably seat 225 guests with room for more on the patio and lawn. At the AYC there are plenty of opportunities to rejoice, unwind and delight in the extraordinary scenery.

Relaxed. Planning an event can seem like a daunting task especially when attempting to create picture-perfect moments worthy of warm feelings and joyous memories but at the AYC providing a seamless event is the norm. The goal is to make clients feel at ease with the process and to feel confident in the knowledge that there is someone there who will be with them from start to finish, from initial consultation until the last glass has been cleaned. At the AYC that person is Mollie Berry. Berry has several years of experience as an event coordinator and expresses that they have one main objective.

“It is our goal to provide a completely turnkey and stress-free event where clients can just walk in and it’s done,” Berry says. “I am with them every step of the way, I love being part of my clients’ lives, and I love all my brides. Seeing the happiness when they get married, seeing them walk down the aisle, it is so much fun!”

Berry also explains another unique convenience in that the AYC operates on a flat rate based on the customers’ needs which means they will not experience any financial surprises along the way. Preparing an unforgettable affair does not come by luck at this Lake Winnebago country club but by wonderfully orchestrated design.

Distinctive. With a motto boldly stating, “Life is better at the lake,” it is no surprise that Arrowhead Yacht Club would have mastered the art of a successful festivity. One last important piece of advice Berry would like to add is to book as far in advance as possible as the club has proven to be an ideal location for many people looking for the perfect party venue. Celebrations await!

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