Custom Window Treatments by Budget Blinds 5

Windows are the eyes of the home. They see the wonderful scenery outside while keeping the precious memories made inside safe. They provide a barrier from the elements but sometimes need a little something extra to make them perfect. That is where the ideal window covering comes into play.

The ‘Edgeless House’ by Riffe Homes, Inc. is a great example of how the windows and window treatments make a home.

“This ‘Edgeless House’ is the result of a proprietary design agreement with our architect that took years to develop. It is the heart and soul of our home. We needed a solution that would solve our afternoon glare issue without inhibiting the Riffe Homes Inc. ‘Edgeless House’ architectural features of our home,” Jim Riffe says.

Budget Blinds of Lee’s Summit worked with the Riffes to come up with the right treatment for the job—one that would protect and insulate without blocking the spectacular view of Prairie Lee Lake.

“Budget Blinds worked with us on a customizable solution that virtually disappeared when not in use. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and we loved working with them as a locally owned Lee’s Summit business,” Machelle Riffe of Riffe Real Estate says.