Rob Ellerman 4

Unwavering Philanthropy

True modesty is not a quality that many possess. By definition, modesty is a character trait in which a person minimizes his or her talents, and even if that person was the recipient of many accolades, most would not know it. It is this kind of humility and a true appreciation of others that make Rob Ellerman one of the most compassionate people of the business world. He is a man of great success both professionally and personally, but with his success comes a desire to give abundantly to others in efforts to spread the same joy he feels every day.

In a recent acceptance speech, Ellerman credits his appreciation for community with his humble beginnings. He spoke movingly about how having a dependable support system has enabled him to acquire great accomplishments and that with the backing of his loving wife and a hardworking team, he has been able to give plentifully. 
A man of dedication, Ellerman has worked tirelessly in real estate since 1996 and currently is a senior marketing executive at Reece and Nichols. His assiduousness has earned him awards such as rookie of the year and rising star, and as his career has become more prosperous, a carefully orchestrated team of realtors have assisted him on his path to greatness. Ellerman praises this team for affording him the ability to make meaningful offerings to the Kansas City area through charity and volunteer work. 
He recognizes that with due diligence and high achievement there comes a responsibility to the community he serves. Even with immense business obligations, he also makes a conscientious effort to devote his time to area youth because he believes this is an investment in the future.

It is no surprise that Ellerman was honored as the recipient of The Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors Community Service Award (KCRARCSA) in December. In 2016 alone, he has donated well over $100,000 to many area organizations including Harvesters, a community food network ($10,000); St. Jude’s, a pediatric and research hospital ($46,000); Drumm Farm Center for Children, a housing program for foster care ($40,000); Hope Haven, which provides services for domestic abuse survivors ($43,095); and Rob Ellerman Team (RET) Scholarships, which awards high-achieving students ($3,000). His contributions mirror his dedication and connectedness to all stakeholders who have supported him through the years. 
In reflecting on receiving the esteemed KCRARCSA Ellerman states:

“What a cool night. I had the honor of accepting the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors Community Service Award. Thank you to my team, business partners, clients and all our realtor relationships. It is 100 percent what you all do that helps make a difference in our community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Consistent with the mark of a person with integrity, Ellerman places much of his gratitude on the combined efforts of those around him. He explains this in discussing his professional philosophy which encompasses treating clients and agents as if they are “your lifeblood.” He believes that good business is cyclical and explained this by stating,

“If you continue to run your business with your clients’ best interest in mind, you will maintain loyalty among your agents as well.  One of my favorite accomplishments is the loyalty we have among agents. That’s why we even created a program for our agents’ share in ownership of RET via profit-sharing. Take care of others and they will definitely take care of you.”

This philosophy has kept turnover rates down even within an industry where they are typically higher. It is evident that Ellerman has fostered a relationship of trust and reliability within his company, fully embracing the idea that one should be a reflection of what he desires.

One of Ellerman’s favorite quotes is “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This adage could not create a more accurate depiction of a person who works hard to strive for excellence and who serves others with the same enthusiasm. To be able to achieve such greatness with dignity and modesty is truly the mark of a fine man.