Meet the Maker: Erin Bell 5

Butter Mama

When four-year-old Lucas Bell came home to Lee’s Summit from his native Uganda in 2011, he had some healing to do. His adoptive parents Roger and Erin Bell would provide salve in the form of a loving family, but Erin quickly realized she would also need a skincare solution to soothe the then four-year-old’s parched skin.

As a result of the climate change from Africa to Missouri, Lucas’ skin was constantly dry, itchy and cracking. Erin tried using both over-the-counter and prescription creams, which were effective but left greasy spots on her furniture and required multiple applications per day. In 2012, Bell began developing a super-moisturizing cream that felt great on Lucas’s skin and also simplified her life as a mom since it only required one daily application and didn’t leave greasy residue around the house.

Bell began sharing her organic whipped shea body butter with friends in the adoptive community. She received rave reviews, emails and calls from other adoptive parents across the country who wanted to purchase the product for their children with similar skin problems.

Although Bell says she never intended her body butter to become a part-time business, she says she’s happy she can help people and meet a need.

Today, Bell, is known to her son and her customers as ‘The Butter Mama.’ She orders solid blocks of organic shea butter directly from Ghana, it’s original source. Bell melts it down, combines it with other natural moisturizing ingredients and essential oils, and whips them all together in her KitchenAid mixer to make smooth and divinely-fragranced body butters for shipment all over the U.S. Her line includes a belly butter for pregnant women as well as butters soothing to skin conditions such as eczema and keratosis pilaris.

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