The Perfect Match 1

Developing Potential Inc. believes in respect and placing value on others. They are an innovative company that is working to help others find their niche in life, giving some ,whose gifts and talents might be otherwise overlooked ,opportunities for employment that fits their skill sets and interests.

Developing Potential’s Employment Connections program began in 2012.They work to match people with disabilities with employment that corresponds with their interests and gifts. DPI provides Employment specialists who serve as a support to both the potential employer and the individual. They work to help them develop interview and personal communication skills as well as build their own resumes.It has provided for an amazing experience for both the employer and employee.This is a great way for more people to get out of their comfort zones and have more experience in different situations.

Their Mission statement is “To provide quality day habilitation services to adults with developmental disabilities and support those individuals to reach their potential and achieve a dignified, adult lifestyle.  DPI is a holistic program that focuses on Body, Mind, and Spirit of the individuals we support seeking to build strengths, foster independence, and be a vehicle for changing lives “  They have been living up to the heart behind the company.

There have been several success stories already, with the many local Employers that have been stepping out and linking arms with Developing Potential Inc.

One of the stories is Shannon with Salon Ami. She has been working there about a year now and it has been a huge blessing in her life.This was an excellent opportunity not only for Shannon, who loves working in the salon environment, but also for all the staff and clients to be exposed to the abilities of a person having disabilities.This is a great example of how learning to work with others who  have disabilities can inspire us all to be more willing to take time and get to know others for what they can do not what they can’t do.

Matt began working at Tuesday Morning over a year ago.This was a new environment for him. He needed to find the right team environment where he would be valued and continue to grow in his responsibilities and skills. He found that environment at Tuesday Morning. Since then, he has had many successes working with a great team and growing in his responsibilities.

These are just two of the many examples of  local employers willing to team up with DPI and place value and respect in the lives of both their employees and themselves. We all know, as we build others up we ourselves are built up too.

This is not a cookie cutter approach. It is a person centered approach where the outcomes are as different for every person as their fingerprint.  “Developing Potential, Inc. programs embrace the concepts of independence, community inclusion, choice and empowerment. “  The rewards are amazing.