How quickly can they be done?

Dental implants are becoming a more frequent means of tooth replacement. There is some confusion, however, in how quickly they can be done. Some Dental offices advertise implants in one day. How is that possible? Why do some implants take months to complete?

Most dental implants are cylindrical. When placed, implants have to be stable before a crown can be placed and chewing forces applied.

Rotation of a cylindrical implant is a concern. To avoid rotation of a single dental implant, a 4-6 month time is usually needed for the bone to osseointegrate, or grow to the implant surface. When replacing many teeth at a time, multiple implants are used that can be splinted together in a bridge that will resist rotation. Completion of the implant and bridge can be in one day, and you can eat with the implants the same day. However, for single implants, a longer healing time is needed for more predictable successful treatment outcomes.

Dr. Duello is a general dentist in Lee’s Summit since 1991. He graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry in 1991. His wife, Andria, is a counselor in the Lee’s Summit School District, and he has two children, Derek and Delaney.