A Very Busy Mark Alford

Kansas City’s Leading Morning 
Man is in the House!

He may have some strong family roots deep in the heart of his home state, but Mark Alford, a sixth-generation Texan, has placed some pretty significant roots in the hearts of those here in Kansas City. As one of the most recognizable faces on the landscape of Kansas City’s morning news teams, Alford brings a heaping helping of self-effacing humor, boyish charm, quick wit and an award-winning personality as one of the co-anchors of FOX 4 News each weekday from 4:30 – 9 a.m.  As the longest running morning news anchor in the market, Alford has amassed more than 18,000 hours on-air and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

If you have ever wondered if your favorite news anchors present in real life as they do on TV, we can assure you that Alford presents with pure authenticity both on and off the camera. His ability to engage in conversation on any number of topics, guiding the dialogue but not overwhelming it, easily make you feel welcome and at home in his presence. When he indicates he is truly passionate about all the things he embraces in life, you never have to question that ambition. He successfully wears multiple hats simultaneously, so keeping pace with Alford may seem a bit of a challenge initially, but his pure enthusiasm for everything he pursues is infectious and somehow you just want to come along for the ride just to see what will happen next.

Alford, 52, studied political science at the University of Texas at Austin. He began his career in television in several Texas markets, including Waco, Dallas, Austin and Houston. When he arrived in Kansas City in 1998 with his family (wife Leslie Adkins and now grown children Mark, Jr., Alexandria and Spencer), he brought with him that approachable style we have all come to adore, accented with influences from those who have inspired him throughout his career, including Johnny Carson, Walter Cronkite and his own Uncle Jerry, who was an anchorman in Oklahoma City.

“My on-air (persona) is a combination of influences from those three,” says Alford, who effortlessly balances straightforward commentary with perfect comedic timing.

And while he continues to awaken each morning by 3 a.m. to deliver the newscasts, his day does not end after he goes off the air six hours later. In addition to informing and entertaining audiences each morning, Alford also operates Mark Alford Designs, a custom tailor and wardrobe consulting firm and his real estate company, Mark Alford Realty Group, a Reece & Nichols company, established in 2014.

“I like to keep busy,” laughs Alford.

Now that Alford’s real estate company is in full swing, he lends that same sense of fun, high energy and enthusiasm for which he is known on-air.

“People feel like they know me and trust me,” Alford smiles. “After all, I’ve been coming into their homes for 18 years now.”

Alford’s real estate team has created a name for itself when it comes to making the home buying and selling process a fun and worthwhile experience. Because of his wide circle of influence, Alford reaches more people in the market and has tailored a unique concierge level service for clients provided by a team with more than three decades of local real estate experience.

“We make the process fun and exciting,” notes Alford.

When not tending to all of his endeavors, Alford, along with Leslie, enjoys working in his garden, strolling through the River Market, dining at Coal Vines on the Plaza or going for a ride on his Harley Davidson.

So what’s next for Alford?

“I don’t like to slow down,” he smiles. “But right now I’m happy with what I am doing. My life is full, and I love it.”

For more information on Mark Alford Realty Group, visit them online at MarkAlford.ReeceNichols.com or call 816.251.1563.