Magical Moment 1

​A Glimpse Into The Truly Special Community Of Lee’s Summit High School

Sighris Sharber is a senior at Lee’s Summit High School who was elected homecoming king by his peers this past fall. Sighris is an outgoing, popular student at his high school. He is a member of the school’s Student Senate and Future Business Leaders of America. He also happens to also have autism.

According to Dr. John Faulkenberry, LSHS principal, Sighris probably knows more students and staff members at LSHS than any other student and goes out of his way to talk to others, get to know them and call each person by name. His teacher, Gabe Curtis, says Sighris is one of the first students to greet others in the morning and one of the last students to leave the school in the afternoon. He has been referred to as a ‘mini-historian’ for LSHS because he has a vast amount of knowledge about events that took place at LSHS, many which happened years before he came to the school.

Sighris was nominated by dozens of students and selected by an open vote among the school’s seniors. One of his teachers called Sighris’ election as king a magical moment for the school, adding that the students accept Sighris for who he is and do not see him as someone with limitations. The senior class gave Sighris a standing ovation at the homecoming pep assembly — another great moment.

In addition to the encouragement from Sighris’s classmates, staff members came together to support his candidacy as a homecoming king. Staff provided the convertible for Sighris to ride in during the homecoming parade and purchased a new suit, two dress shirts, two ties and a new belt from Men’s Warehouse. LSHS employees also provided photos and a video of the homecoming assembly, parade and dance for Sighris and his family to keep. Kevin Holman, campus supervisor at LSHS, and his wife, also took Sighris out for dinner before the homecoming dance — something they have done for Sighris before several other school dances over the last few years. Kevin’s daughter even took Sighris’ mother for a make-over in preparation for the weekend, and LSHS staff contributed to a fund to reimburse his mother for lost wages on Friday night to allow her to attend the football game and crowning ceremony. Other employees who went above and beyond included paraprofessional Joanie Ho who helped Sighris get his new suit, and focus facilitator Charlie Minton who helped prepare Sighris for the activities associated with being a king candidate by providing coaching about what to expect as a candidate at the assembly, parade, game appearance and dance.

Editor’s Note: We are inspired by our community again and again and 
consider it a blessing to share stories like this with our readers.