From the Desk of..... 9

Suze Ford

1. I have a huge variety of brushes. I pretty much pick up a handful every time I go to the art store.

2. Palette knives allow me to mix paint and to smear large amounts of paint on my canvas, and add textures.

3. I make a cappuccino almost every morning–it is my fuel! My favorite mug was made by artist Jennifer Falter.

4. My simplified planner and sketchbook go with me everywhere! Stay organized and write down every idea!

5. This tripod is essential for holding my phone for live streaming video from my studio. Find me on Periscope (suzeford) and join in!

6. My camera to record every piece that I make, and for reproducing prints of my work.

7. The paint palette and table is where all of the messy magic happens.

8. This easel is one of my first and best investments ever! It is like my first child!

9. Oil sticks are perfect for fun and bold mark making.

10. I use a massive variety of oil colors and brands! I am sort of a hoarder with more than 11 bins of paint.

What’s on your desk? Email us some photos and they could appear here in a few months!