New Year Fitness Goals 
Can Make the Difference

Can you believe the new year has arrived already!? The year 2015 flew by, and so did most of everyone’s fitness goals and resolutions from last year. If you were one of the many gung-ho “resolutioners” who fell short on their fitness goals in 2015, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What were my goals? Were my goals realistic and attainable? Did I set specific goals and put them on paper? What did I do, and how long did I work to achieve my goals before I gave up? What was my level of commitment to my goals? Why did I fail, or not succeed 100 percent? Do I feel any better or worse about myself this year than last? Do I believe in myself?

These are all legitimate questions that need to be asked with honest answers. After you do a little self reflecting, sit down and write the answers to these questions on paper. Then write out some goals you’d like to achieve. Everyone has a different goal for the New Year. I have new personal goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, family goals, business goals, and fitness goals each year. But for the sake of this article I’m going to coach you on how to set and achieve your fitness goals.

Eating healthy, exercising and taking care of your body should be a year round priority. You get one body, so you better learn how to take care of it, before it is too late. We live in a society of obesity and majority of people live unhealthy lifestyles. I’m going to provide some tips to get you on your way to living healthier, and provide some professional knowledge on health and fitness.   Are you ready for a stronger, healthier, and overall better year in 2016? Repeat after me: I CAN. I WILL. I BELIEVE. I CAN. I WILL. I BELIEVE.

1. Believe in yourself. Cut out all self-limiting beliefs. Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. Remove the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary, because you can.

2. Live healthier. If you drink too much alcohol, then cut back. And if you smoke, you already know that you REALLY need to stop.

3. Get active. If you spend more time in front of the TV than you do at the gym, then shut off the TV and get to the gym, or go for a long walk. Commit to a total weekly activity goal of three to five hours each week, and a total weekly television goal of 15 hours of less.

4. Drink more water. Stop drinking soda or anything loaded with refined sugars because they make you fat and mess up your insulin levels. We’ve seen people drop 20 pounds by cutting out soda. What does that tell you about the stuff? Women should try to drink 100 ounces per day and a gallon per day for men is a good goal.

5. Eat healthier. Stop eating fast food, it is just terrible for you. Stop eating “fake foods” and start eating whole foods. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients of the foods you are eating then throw it away. Read nutrition labels. Eat more lean protein, more vegetables and healthy complex carbs. Eat the appropriate amounts of healthy fats (nuts, eggs, nut butter, olive/coconut oil, avocado, etc.) Your body loves to be fueled properly, so feed it well.

6. Seek out a professional. Even the top athletes in the world have a coach or trainer to help them be their best, reach their goals sooner and provide expertise and accountability. At Shredd, we offer one-on-one personal training, partner training, group classes, body fat analysis, custom meal plans and a full array of online services. Call us for a complimentary fitness evaluation and a customized fitness program.


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