The Biggest 

LSW Senior Gives Back to Teams and Athletes

Lee’s Summit West senior Evan Crawford is not just a student at the school; he might be the biggest Titan sports fan at the school.

Just ask the folks in the halls.

“Evan is a student with special needs who manages our football and basketball teams,” says Athletic Director Debbie Katzfey. “He is very dedicated to being at every practice and game we have. He has a great smile and attitude and is a true Titan.”

“Evan is incredible kid. His drive for life is inspiring and heart-warming. Even with the challenges he faces in life, he lives life to the fullest and does not let these challenges get him down,” adds Life Skills Special Education teacher Sarah Hanrahan.

What impresses her most about Evan?

“If I had to pick one thing about Evan that makes him stand out from every other teenager in this school, is that he truly celebrates and finds joy in others’ success.” she says. “Evan is truly one of a kind and I am so blessed to be his teacher.”

And how does he see himself?

“I’m a very energetic person,” he says. “I’m always happy and I’m the biggest Titan sports fan that anyone has ever met.”

It was his freshman year when he became a football manager.

“My freshman year, I asked Coach (Royce) Boehm if I could be a football manager,” says Crawford. “He said I could and I was pretty excited.”

What is his favorite football memory?

“My favorite memory is winning the state championship my sophomore year,” says Crawford. “I’ve made a lot of friends on the football team over the years I have been a manager.”

And sometimes he might get too close to the action.

Business teacher and assistant football and wrestling coach Buddy Spurck has a story to tell about Crawford and the sidelines in football.

“He enjoys being part of the (football) team and sometimes gets into the action, albeit accidentally,” says Spurck. “We were playing a freshman game against Blue Springs and Evan got a little too close to the field and was almost wiped out on the sidelines.

He had a look on his face that was pure fright, and I told him he needed to get more bend in his knees and hit on the rise. He looked at me like I was crazy and then he laughed. We still joke about his near miss four years later.”

It was a talk with the coach that got him into the basketball manager job.

“I went down to Coach (Michael) Shieber one day before basketball season and asked if I could be the basketball manager,” says Crawford. “I decided I had so much fun with football that I wanted to be the basketball manager, too.”

What memories does he have from basketball?

“One of my favorite memories is watching Jared Dixon win the game against Lee’s Summit North at the buzzer.”

Crawford has been thinking about life after high school.

“I want to go to the University of Central Missouri or UMKC and do something with sports.” he says.

Whatever he does it will be with Titan-sized, world-class enthusiasm.