New Addition Adds to Downtown Lee’s Summit 5

Frankie Farlane’s Fast(ish) Food

Located in the historic downtown of Lee’s Summit, Frankie 
 Farelane’s opened in July and is locally owned by the same folks who run Stuey McBrew’s. Unlike its sister’s full service restaurant, Frankie Farelane’s is a fast, casual concept featuring street style tacos, wings, sliders and salads.

With what Stuey McBrew’s has done by offering 13 different burgers on their menu, Frankie Farelane’s is replicating with tacos. The choices seem endless, with seven beef, six pork and nine chicken options and if you are a picky eater, they will gladly make a taco your way.

We hit Frankie Farlane’s about 8 p.m. on a Friday night and these tacos hit the spot. I decided I had better try one of each protein so I had a beef avocado, a Korean pork and a chipotle chicken. My sister raved about her apple pecan chicken featuring cole slaw, diced apples, chopped pecans and feta cheese. My grown son who still eats like a six year old ate four tacos made just his way with beef and cheese.

The flavor combinations are insanely good. The beef avocado is cool and creamy with spinach, asiago cheese and a garlic and herb dressing. The Korean pork offers a flavor and texture explosion featuring Asian slaw, key lime soy sauce and crispy wontons. Finally, the chipotle chicken was perfectly spicy and the epitome of a chicken street taco featuring Romaine lettuce, Monterey Jack cheese, black bean corn salsa and chipotle sauce.

All tacos are $3 and I cannot say I liked one better than the other as they were all amazing. With so many others on the menu that sounded great, I cannot wait to go back.

I am thinking the fast(ish) tagline comes from the concept that although it is a fast casual establishment, the food is spectacular with items cooked to order using high quality fresh ingredients. I really think these tacos could go head to head with some from a full-service establishment.

Since I have only had the tacos, I cannot comment on the sliders, wings or salads and with 19 more tacos to try, it may be sometime before I branch out and order other menu items. I am confident in saying that if they are anything like the tacos, I am sure they are delicious and am looking forward to trying all eight wing flavors, 15 slider choices and three salads.

The decor features a fun black and white 50s style mural featuring a Leave it to Beaver look-a-like operating a remote control taco holding robot. The space is clean and streamlined with concrete gray floors, metal tables and red chairs.

Frankie Farlane’s is open Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays. They open at 11 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. If you are looking at them to cure your late night dinner or snack craving I recommend getting there before they close for an order to go.

With such a variety of menu items, ease of ordering and fast(ish) service, Frankie Farelane’s is a great for groups and families who all seem to want something different or individuals wanting a quick and delicious bite.

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