Area Organizer Offers Awesome Answers

Getting organized, staying organized and living a simpler life. Lots of us talk about it. Many make attempts with a New Year’s resolution, or answer the calendar’s call to spring clean. Some of us get a January jump-start, giving our homes a once-over after the holidays. Following a long winter, we perk up, greet the sun and get to work taming dust bunnies before Easter. Cleaning includes sorting, tossing and putting away a whole lot of “stuff.”

Any way you look at it, cleaning is actually an exercise in organization. However, particular projects may be overwhelming, leaving you wondering where and how to begin. When that’s the case, enlist professional help. Enter: organizing expert Amy Lockwood.

Lockwood is the owner of A Home for Everything. She started the business in 2000, and she comes with impressive credentials, a master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in project management. Her main focus is helping home and business clients de-clutter and establish working systems. She also stages homes for quick sale, manages moves and works with businesses to establish efficient workflow patterns.

“Life is messy sometimes. Give yourself grace,” says Lockwood. She urges us to let go of duplicates, broken items and ill-fitting clothes. “Only things you love and enjoy deserve space in your home. Give yourself permission to release inherited clutter and purchasing mistakes.”

Create an “Out-of-Here!” nook for items that need to be mailed, taken to a friend or dropped at the library. For these things, consider carving out a drop spot close to your car. If you use an item only once or twice a year, Lockwood says to place it outside your current living space. She also suggests keeping often-used objects close at hand.

Store Items Where You Use Them

  • Coffemaker, coffee, sweeteners and mugs near the sink
  • Dishes close to the dishwasher or near where you serve meals
  • Pots, pans, large utensils, knives and spices near the stove

“Get everyone involved! Create a plan the whole family can follow,” says Lockwood. “Remember to respect what other family members enjoy. Clean up should be easy, if you want everyone to do it.”

Make It Easy For Children

  • Make word or picture labels, and secure them to drawers and storage containers.
  • Create a lost game pieces box. The next time you play the game, go there first.
  • If items spill out of the original box, get a better container.
  • Eliminate unnecessary pieces in toy sets.

Lockwood often helps clients choose storage systems, something that will be flexible to fit their ever-changing lives. She loves The Container Store, which recently opened in Hawthorne Plaza in Leawood, and she serves as an independent contractor for the new merchandiser. “I receive referrals of customers who want customized closets or other spaces. The affiliation gives me access to their Dallas design team to develop stunning solutions.”

Lockwood uses storage systems from a variety of sources and creates custom solutions. To learn more about her organize your home or business, visit or call 816.550.7482. From organizing a garage to settling into a new space, Lockwood can pull it together for you.