Family is at 
the Heart of 
this Home 6

Among the beautiful homes nestled in New Longview is a beautiful Craftsman-inspired home of Brad and Emily Klapmeyer. When they decided to plant their family roots in Lee’s Summit, they worked with their builder Matt Faulkner to design a home around their dream of family life, and the result has provided a beautiful home where they are making many memories with their children.

Family Time

With a living area open to an eating area and the kitchen, lots of family time is spent in the heart of their home. The Klapmeyers asked Amy Robertson at Cameron’s Home Furnishings to help them and after a short meeting Amy filled their home perfectly. They have also decorated with meaningful elements from Longview barns and old homes.

The “Hyphen”

The room linking the main house with the carriage house is called the “hyphen.” Their optimal organization keeps this area from becoming a chaotic catch-all: a giant family calendar hangs next to a built-in storage bench where everyone’s stuff has a place. Over Emily’s desk hangs a gallery of beautifully framed family mementos, including their home’s original architectural drawings. Sunlight fills the room with a wall of windows and view of the cozy patio.

All Boy

Don’t let the grey walls fool you… Their son’s room is home to a caring and creative heart.  Lava lamps, air hockey/origami/paper airplane table, and reading books, lots of books, in a comfy beanbag, indicate that good things are happening in this room.  It’s rare to find the book on the bookshelves, but I think that is the purpose, right?

Superhero Girl

Ever wonder what a superhero hideout might look like?  Their little Superhero girl loves blue, so they went blue but with something more fun.  Hints of superpowers are noticeable throughout the room – the Batman artwork made with a neighbor superhero–Jenny Johnson, super secret Batman blanket technology on the bed and a whole bookshelf of superhero training manuals.  Though they won’t disclose the secret location of the entrance to the Batcave.

Princess’s Palace

Please let us announce you as a guest as you enter the room of the youngest of the three children, but certainly their youngest is the also the most royal.  From pink walls, full vanity, closet full of gowns, crown glass artwork, and a bookshelf full of teachings from the Disney Princesses, this room should make any (future) princess feel right at home. Melissa Jones of helped with this room. And, there is no pea under that mattress.

Carriage House

Sitting above the garage, yet connected to the main home, the carriage house is usually buzzing with activity and serves as yet another place of community in their home.  A key activity is bottle cleaning, yeast growing, grain mashing, hop smelling and beer tasting, as it serves as the location for home brewing.  Other “family friendly” activities include arts & crafts, video games and board games.  Also, come late December, and once the Christmas tree is up, Santa has decided this is the perfect place to keep presents out of sight in case the kids have a tough time sleeping on Christmas Night.

Music Room

Brad has shared his love of music with Max who is an amazing drummer, and the family enjoys jam sessions in the room dedicated to all their musical instruments (and tucked away at the farthest part of the house). Izzy and Eleanor … (play the tamborine, guitar…?)