Let’s hear it for the furry friends!

We never tire of creating a pet themed issue for our readers, and our hopes are that you don’t tire of reading them every year.

At the Harrison house, we are third generation cat people. We usually have two dear fur balls living under our roof. Current felines are Boots and Jinx. But for a couple of crazy years there were three. (Jasper, Boots and Abercrombie) During that time I noticed that there’s a fine line among those who have two of the same animal vs. those who have three. Dare I say, you get a few more raised eyebrows when you admit you have three cats, but two never seems to faze folks at all. I think three is when “crazy cat lady” begins to reveal herself…

I’ve been paying special attention to the way pets provide real companionship for folks who live alone lately and I’ve come to realize that the furry friends among us can really be lifesavers. When I recently learned that local shelters are in need of short-term foster homes for many of their pets, I was intrigued. What a great way to give an animal a vacation from the shelter, or to really test drive whether or not your kids are ready for a new kind of pet. Some foster situations are ideal for quieter homes as the animals are recovering from medical procedures or are nervous around lots of people.

One of my dear friends works in an office where certain pets are welcome for occasional visits. She’s noticed that everyone is a little happier and more social on the days when the doggies visit. Wouldn’t it be great if all of us had office pets?

Still another friend has a daughter whose recent Girl Scout Gold Award project involved training their family dog to be a visiting companion dog at a senior living facility. She’d take that mellow brute of a dog to visit the residents once a week and she made instant friends the minute she walked in the door. The loneliness just melted away when there was an animal to pet.

The next time you’re missing a furry friend in your life, take a moment to peruse the websites of a couple of KC’s shelters. Your new best friend is waiting for you and you didn’t even know it.

Stay well neighbors and I’ll see you around town!