A Delightful Respite and Place for Repose


Coffee has, for centuries, been bringing minds together and lifting the spirits of those who embrace it. The resurgence of true coffee aficionados is understandable, with the higher level shops that have opened across our metro in recent years. These baristas are bringing a new appreciation and understanding of that proverbial cup of coffee.

Post Coffee Company is one such coffee shop. Owners Tanner Stevens and Levi Holland have honed their skills in the preparation of this delightful roasted stuff, each finding their niche in their own personal way. They recently opened Post in Chipman Commons, just east of the Douglas Street intersection, in an eclectic space they have refurbished. Garage doors open to an airy patio featuring long, hand-forged tables. On any given day it is evident that neighbors enjoy using the shop as a meeting place.

Their tables were lovingly hand-crafted for them by locally made Ash Tables, and they are interspersed with chairs, couches and benches, which invite visitors to stay and enjoy the free WiFi, hold Bible studies, business meetings, or just simply meditate and absorb the flavors and atmosphere.

They began serving their flavorful treats at the Lee’s Summit Farmer’s Market out of their 1976 green Volkswagen Westfalia. They initially roasted from Tanner’s home and now have a permanent roasting area in their new space. They still plan to serve at special events through the summer at the market.

“Our approach to Post is simple: to source high quality beans, roast it to our specifications, then feature the complexity of the coffee by using a simple menu,” says Stevens. “The majority of our beans are sourced from a company called Bodhileaf Coffee Traders, located in Placentia, California. We roast twice a week, and since every drink is made to order, we have to pay serious attention to detail in the creation of each drink.”

They feature a simple offering of drinks on their menu, and coordinate with other community members to bring local products to the shop, including Poppy’s Ice Cream. Stevens grew up in Olathe and has since relocated to Lee’s Summit from the River Market area. Holland grew up in Iowa and has also relocated to Lee’s Summit from Syracuse, New York.

With a Bachelor of Arts in intercultural studies and sociology from MidAmerica Nazarene University, Stevens enjoys the world vision he shares with Holland through the coffee they serve. Holland earned his Bachelor of Science in youth ministry from Olivet Nazarene University, and holds a Masters of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary.

“For both of us, a coffee shop became a way to be involved in the local economy, within a specific neighborhood to invest and relate to and with the people,” Holland says. “We like the eclectic gathering of people we attract. From hipsters, families with small children, business professionals and senior citizens. We like that all people feel welcome in our space.”

“We are currently only doing special events at the Farmers Market, but we are extremely grateful to have had the experience we did last summer and fall getting our start. The relationships we formed in that space gave us incredible momentum going into the opening of our storefront.”

Both young men are grateful for the amount of positive response they have received from not only Lee’s Summit but also the greater KC Metro area.

“We are committed to this space and are committed to growing our neighborhood and its local economy and the continuation of making KC great! Thank you for supporting us,” says Stevens.