Real Wives of Lee’s Summit

LSL: Who/what lives in your house?
JG: I currently live with my two children, Brody and Sydney, my husband, Shannon, and our four fur babies, Gracie, Buster, Shiloh and Cody. We have our own mini rescue going on here…

LSL: Do you work outside the home?
JG: I work for the United States Department of Agriculture as a senior program management analyst.

LSL: Are you a native Kansas Citian or transplanted to the area?
JG: I was born in Washington, D.C., but grew up in Lenexa. I joined the military out of high school and met my husband. We moved back from the west coast in 2004 to Lee’s Summit for work.

LSL: What’s on the floor of your car right now?
JG: What’s not on the floor of my car? With two kids in sports I have a soccer ball, stuffed animals, blankets, some shoes, candy wrappers, empty water bottles… Yes, it’s true my car is a mess. I clean it when I know I’m giving someone other than my kids a ride. Let’s be real here, most people do the same but won’t admit it.

LSL: What is your favorite ‘pamper yourself’ or splurge item?
JG: Mani and pedi and a facial or massage. I call it my “me” time.

LSL: What is your guiltiest food pleasure?
JG: Pasta! I love those carbs!

LSL: What is the title of a book on your bedside table or the best movie you’ve seen in the past three months?
JG: Book: Heaven is for Real; and movie: American Sniper.

LSL: How would your best friend describe you?
JG: Funny, a little crazy, outgoing, caring, considerate and great at giving gifts.

LSL: Which organization that gets most of your volunteer time?
JG: Most of my volunteering would be with school for my kiddos or local pet charities.  I also like to randomly donate to GoFundMe accounts.

LSL: Where was your best vacation ever?
JG: Before kids, the Mexican Riviera cruise with my husband. Horseback riding was my favorite since I had never done that before. After kids: Destin, Florida. First time the kids had ever seen the ocean, went on a dolphin cruise, went parasailing and the kids got to go boogie boarding.

LSL: What is your favorite date night restaurant?
JG: Marina Grog and Galley at Lake Lotawana

LSL: What is the best thing about living in Lee’s Summit?
JG: I love how supportive the community is. People are genuinely nice and ready to help. There are great schools, tons of sports and activities. Lee’s Summit is really expanding and there is always something to do.

LSL: What do your record on the DVR?
JG: Real Housewives…. Any and all of them. When I’m done watching those shows I realize I have it pretty darn good!

LSL: Where do you wish your husband would buy your next gift?
JG: I would rather go do something fun, like zip lining.

LSL: What is your favorite sports team?
JG: Royals of course for baseball. Football is 50/50 Chiefs and Seahawks (I married into the Seahawk lifestyle so I have to mention it.)

LSL: Share a unique or interesting fact about yourself or your college years?
JG: I served in the US Navy for 10 years as a Navy Seabee. I traveled all around the world met lots of interesting people saw lots of great and not so great places. It has made me who I am today.

LSL: What are three items on your bucket list?

  1. •  Compete in a fitness competition
  2. •  Go Skydiving
  3. • Travel to places I have never been — Europe, Asia, and Australia.