June 2015 Our Contributors 4


McKenna Mathewson

I am blessed. What 17 year old gets to take photographs for a magazine? This has been an amazing opportunity and I am glad to work with such wonderful people. I love photography, the creativity of it and the math and science behind it. Next to watching Star Wars, I’d rather spend my Friday evenings shooting an assignment or fill Sunday afternoon finding unique places around Kansas City to photograph with my friends. (I’d rather be behind the lens…) My desire is to use photography to change people’s lives, to make a difference in the world, to bring to people’s attention things they might not see ordinarily.

Jason Lahey

As an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, I have traveled throughout the United States and across the world to China. There is, however, only one place that I have called home since the 4th grade, and that is here in Lee’s Summit. After attending Truman State University and graduating from Mizzou with a masters in curriculum and instruction, I have worked as an English teacher and written curriculum for a local church. I’m a lover of all that is Lee’s Summit, ever fascinated by its ability to grow and develop yet maintain its hometown community feel.

Jim Cosgrove

With roots firmly planted in Kansas City, my career as “Mr. Stinky Feet” has allowed me to perform thousands of shows throughout North America and Europe, and twice on The White House lawn. Long ago I worked as a journalist and corporate public relations professional before taking the leap into a “real” job helping children laugh. I also entertain grown-up kids as a freelance writer and public speaker. Through my work with children and as a father of two daughters, I have learned that kids have much to teach adults about living life to the fullest.

Tracy Sullivan

I was born and raised in New York (#1 NY Giants fan!) and then spent a decade in Los Angeles, where I developed a passion for skydiving and spent my free time jumping out of aircraft. I got picked up by a tornado a few years ago and landed in KC, more specifically, Lee’s Summit.

Nowadays I derive much joy from reading, yoga and watching football. I enjoy traveling, doing science experiments with my children and spoiling our guinea pig, Nibbles. My greatest loves are my smart, beautiful, caring daughters, Eleanor and Aurelia, and my wonderful husband Eric.

Jenny Wolff

Meeting people is a joy.  Everyone has a story, and I like hearing them. So, it is a great pleasure to be a contributor to Lifestyle Publications.

As a KU journalism graduate, I spent the first decade of my career in television news, the second as owner of a video company, the third decade raising a houseful of children and the fourth in corporate communications.  Over the years, I’ve met many wonderful people who have given me the privilege of sharing their stories. Thanks to all my inspirational friends—present and future—and to Rick, a great husband and editor.