The Single Mom KC 7

Offering Strength through Hospitality and Faith

Warm. Welcoming. Safe.

Misty Honnold uses those words repeatedly when she talks about The Single Mom KC, a hospitality-based group focused on helping single mothers overcome obstacles and find the support and resources necessary to thrive, not just survive.

The Single Mom KC operates from three guiding principles: first, to bring hope to single mothers by removing shame and reproach; second, to transform the negative statistics that often surround fatherless children; third, to educate others to know how to effectively strengthen and support single mother families.

Honnold, founder and director, knows of what she speaks. As a single mother with four children and a veteran in the church ministry field, Honnold understands that being a single mother is about more than simply being single.

“So often a woman’s identity is stripped after divorce or a breakup,” she says. “People often don’t understand what a single mom’s life is like from day to day. They might wonder why stepping forward to ask for help is such a difficult thing to do, or why single moms sometimes don’t flock to church and other social gatherings. They don’t, or can’t, because they are exhausted!”

“We partner with businesses, organizations and churches to teach them how to walk alongside a single mother in a way that encourages and uplifts her and her family.”

There is no shortage of statistics that every conversation about single parenting seems to circle back to. In Kansas City, one of every two children live in a single parent home. Approximately 70 percent of single mothers live in poverty. Eighty percent of single moms leave the church after divorce and only 1 percent of evangelical churches offer support for single mothers.

“It’s common to mow over the emotional and spiritual needs of single mothers. There are issues of poverty and oppression. It’s our goal to help others effectively lift up single moms, and to instill the understanding that single parent families are not broken. There is no shame in who we are or in how we live our lives. The paradigm of how we frame single parenting needs to change,” she says. Honnold’s ministry utilizes small groups, regional events, discipleship, and inter-ministry networking to offer support for single mothers. Childcare is offered for each event.

“In helping women find their identity, we help them find their own strength,” says Honnold. “Some women don’t know the Lord when they first come to us. Some do. We encourage women to find the Lord in every situation, to listen to what His heart says, and to understand that there is a safe place for them.”

The Single Mom KC offers seminars that focus on parenting and physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being. Mentoring is offered for both mothers and children. Monthly workshops happen in homes and a new focus—Clothing with Dignity—has grown from a need for well-made, current, business casual and professional attire.

Once a month The Single Mom KC offers 10 single moms the chance to visit its boutique and choose two outfits, complete with accessories and a one-hour workshop focused on building business skills, speaking with confidence, and discovering individual strengths. Honnold’s team strives to continually increase The Single Mom KC’s reach.

Laurie Morris, a spiritual life coach, serves as pastoral director and Jessica Palsgrove is the director of the clothing boutique. A board of directors helps steer the course and a new branch, The Single Mom Dominican Republic, has started to spread The Single Mom KC’s mission of hospitality and connection outside of Kansas City.

“I wish there wasn’t a need for us,” says Honnold, “but there is, and it’s tremendous.”

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