How I Gave My Baby Girl’s Room an Heirloom Décor

There has never been a time in my life where I felt more beautiful than on my wedding day. Wearing that gorgeous, white gown made me feel like a real princess. The only sad thing about wearing that beautiful dress was knowing that I would wear it for just one day.

Like most brides after their wedding, I considered preserving my gown. But the thought of it sitting in a box at the back of a closet  seemed not only pointless, but like a big waste of money. That’s when my mom and I had a great idea.

The idea came just months before I conceived my first child. My mom was looking at the train of my dress and said, “Wouldn’t this make a beautiful baby blanket?” It hit us both at the same time: My wedding dress would make the most beautiful baby bedding. And so we were off to find someone with the talent to make that very thing happen. And then we met Marilyn Arnold.

Arnold has been sewing since she was a teen-ager. When we met her at a networking event, she told us how she turned wedding dresses into beautiful heirloom pillows that become a special keepsake for women.

“I see women cry when they first look at the pillows I made from their wedding dresses. It’s very moving,” says Arnold. We asked her how she felt about turning my dress into a baby bedding set.

She was excited about the project from the start. Since it was her first time with this kind of a effort, she took extra special care and paid very close attention to how I wanted it to look. Some people might think it took some nerve for me to trust someone with my wedding gown and a pair of scissors. I’ll admit I was more than a little bit nervous, but I am so glad I did it. After completing the set, Marilyn shared her own excitement.

“Creating the baby bedding was so exciting for me. This bedding is a combination of two of the most amazing days of a couple’s life, their wedding and the birth of their first child,” says Arnold.

In our opinion, she absolutely knocked it out of the park. When I first laid my eyes on the finished project I was astounded. It was perfect for our baby girl’s room. She would be arriving in just a month and the bedding was just what we needed to put the final touch to her room. With just a few “mommy adjustments” to the bumper, her nursery looked complete. It was just as I had imagined: soft, elegant and dreamy.

Today our little princess is seven months old and loves to snuggle up to that cozy bumper. We have received so many compliments about how beautiful her nursery is and mostly how elegant and stunning the baby bedding is. It brings me great joy to see that my wedding dress is being used on a daily basis in our home. Not only is it getting used by me, but with care through time, I hope to pass it on to my daughter to use with her own babies.

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