Brave Transitions

A Woman’s Guide for Maintaining Composure through Changes in Work and Life

Kansas City native Katie Snapp recently returned to her Kansas City roots to help women in her home city face change more bravely. Snapp, an author, speaker and leadership expert who specializes in helping women improve their leadership skills and confidence, recently gave presentations to several groups based on her new book, Brave Transitions: A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining Composure Through Changes in Work and Life.

Snapp wrote the book because she had so many women ask her how to do just that – handle change more effectively, with more grace. It’s no easy task for anyone. But women face so much pressure – from society, from those in their lives who depend on them, and from themselves – that handling the inevitable changes life brings can be overwhelming. But Snapp’s book changes that – giving women the tools, insights and confidence they need to handle whatever comes their way with more composure. And the best part – Snapp does it in her own sassy, charming, witty way that lets the reader know they’re not alone, and they WILL get through change and be just fine.

Snapp was thrilled to speak to the Central Exchange and the Kansas Women’s Business Association at a joint luncheon event.

Snapp was born and raised in Kansas City and attended Mizzou. After graduation, she spent two years working in St. Louis, then returned home to work for the company now known as Honeywell as an engineer – an actual rocket scientist. It was during her years as a woman in a very male-dominated environment that she began to recognize the importance of women using their innate female strengths in the workplace – that they shouldn’t have to change themselves and try to be “one of the boys” to be valued for their contributions. She ultimately made that her life’s work, starting Skirt Strategies with her co-founder Carol Wight, to offer online leadership training for women.

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